The Same Basic Mechanism That Makes an Ordinary Trigger Sprayer Bottle Work

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When you use the Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) bottle for the first time, you have to squeeze the trigger a couple of times to spray any cleaning fluid. There are two things causing this delay:

Before you start pumping, the gun is set for a downstroke, not an upstroke (the piston is sitting outside the cylinder). When you first pull the trigger back, and the piston pushes in, there is no liquid to pump out; there is only air in the cylinder chamber. The piston has to slide out to suck any fluid from the reservoir.

On this first upstroke, the pump starts sucking the cleaning liquid from the reservoir. But it also sucks in any air sitting in the plastic tube leading to the reservoir. Before you can start spraying the cleaning liquid, you have to drive this air through the pump mechanism. This may take a couple of downstrokes and upstrokes.

This simple pump design, called a reciprocating piston pump, is used for a variety of tasks. In addition to pressurizing water, air and many other fluids, this design can also extract water and oil from underground. We even have reciprocating pumps built into our bodies: Your heart expands to draw low-pressure blood in through one one-way valve and contracts to force high-pressure blood through another one-way valve, back into your body.

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