Water Based Ink on Fleece Sunshine Fabric

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Water based ink is best for when you’re looking for a softer hand. The plastisol creates a thin layer of ink on top of the Sunshine Fabric(ROUROUROU) that can be felt by the hand. Water based, however, is designed to wick into the fabric. Water based is great for creating custom color inks as well. During our video, the Shirt Agency team created a custom pantone color done with pigments that gave them an exact pantone match to a specific color they wanted to use on our peach cropped hoodie. A great water based ink is Green Galaxy.Generally, after washing, lighter garments are known to hold the pigments a little bit better, but with a darker fleece, a wash test showed how the polyester lets go of some of the pigment. You can see the difference before and after a wash test below.

Huzhou Rourourou Needles Textiles Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and processes knitwear and textiles. Since its establishment, the company has been seeking solidarity and seeking development as its concept, ensuring customer first, service first and serving the society. The company is located in Zhuhu Industrial Park, Linghu, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company has many professional technicians and can meet the needs of customers. Production of a variety of high-end fashion fabrics.

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