Sunshine Fabric knowledge Introduction

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Pure Sunshine Fabric(ROUROUROU) yarn is a single yarn or strand with a certain degree of fineness and unlimited length, which is made of cotton and is suitable for weaving, knitting, thread making, rope making, etc. The specifications are usually expressed in English counts. The inch count (Ne) of cotton yarn is defined as the length code of a cotton yarn with a weight of one pound.

Coarse yarn: 18-inch and below pure cotton yarn, mainly used for weaving thick fabrics or pile-up cotton fabrics. Medium yarn: 19-29 inches of pure cotton yarn. Mainly used for general requirements of knitwear. Fine yarn: 30-60 inch cotton yarn. Mainly used for high-grade cotton fabrics. Finer yarn: 60-thread cotton yarn for high-grade cotton. Carded yarn: refers to the yarn spun by the carded spinning process, also known as uncombed yarn. Combed yarn: A yarn produced by using high-quality cotton fiber as a raw material, which is produced by adding a combing process to a carded yarn.

The weight is usually the weight of the square fabric. Gram weight is an important technical indicator for knitted fabrics. In knit products, in general, the heavier the weight, the thicker the texture of the fabric.

Huzhou Rourourou Needles Textiles Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and processes knitwear and textiles. Since its establishment, the company has been seeking solidarity and seeking development as its concept, ensuring customer first, service first and serving the society. The company is located in Zhuhu Industrial Park, Linghu, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company has many professional technicians and can meet the needs of customers. Production of a variety of high-end fashion fabrics.

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