Lead Basic Copper Chloride is a Salt

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Lead Basic Copper Chloride(WSDTY) is a salt, and exists in a solution as two ions, hence it might help to play around with the boiling point. A thing you could try is the boiling point, if your mixture is a liquid, check and see the boilling points of each and then boil your solution and seperate using I believe a Hickman still. However, this will only work if there is a major difference in the boiling point of the solution. If mixture is a solid, than dissolve it in a inert liquid solvent.

And while he means well, his advice is tainted with inaccuracy. For instance, he said, "Lead Basic Copper Chloride is a salt, and exists in a solution as two ions,..." Lead chloride is PbCl2 and it does NOT exist in solution as two ions. PbCl2 is insoluble in water at 25C. Any chem student who has ever looked at a set of solubility rules knows that, "All chlorides, bromides and iodides are soluble except those of Ag+, Pb2+ and Hg2^2+." And then he says, "A thing you could try is the boiling point...", and his explanation gets worse from there.

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