Reduce the Chance of Cosmetic Packaging Trigger Sprayer Nozzles Coming Into Contact With Air

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A Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) nozzle of the cosmetic packaging printer is very small, about 60 microns. After use, the oil, toner and solvent will remain in the nozzle. After the solvent evaporates, the dust in the air will contact the nozzle and the recovery tank and be dried. The debris will increase the blockage of the printer. In response to the above problems, KGK has its own solution - nozzle automatic sealing technology.

When the cosmetic packaging printer is just turned on, the nozzle does not eject ink until the internal ink circulation system is operating normally, and the nozzle sealing device is opened, so the problem of the first ink drop does not exist. Also, before the shutdown, when the ink circulation system has not stopped working, the nozzle and the recovery tank have been closed, thus avoiding the problem of the last drop of ink remaining on the nozzle. Another advantage of this technique is that after the nozzle and ink circulation system are closed, the entire ink path system becomes a closed system, so that the nozzle portion is no longer in contact with air. This technology allows the nozzle to be less clogged or not clogged, resulting in a smaller diameter nozzle that improves the quality of the print.

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