Plastic Pump Bottles of Various Materials Have Irreplaceable Properties

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Nowadays, PET Plastic Pump (KEXON) bottles occupy an absolute share of the plastic bottle packaging market. PET plastic bottles have many advantages. We have analyzed them many times. However, today we want to talk about packaging materials other than PET plastic bottles, they are being ignored by the market, but through analysis, we will find that these plastic bottles have irreplaceable.

Among them, PE plastic bottles have always had a good market application, from milk bottles to shampoos and shower gel plastic bottles. Compared with PET plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles are cheaper and more suitable for many requirements for low packaging cost.

At the same time, PE plastic bottles are not transparent, which is very important for some products, and light will affect these products. Then naturally it is a pvc plastic bottle. Although the PVC plastic bottle cannot be used for packaging food and other products, it is very popular in the chemical packaging field.

Let's talk about PS acrylic plastic bottles, which are widely used in cosmetics and other packaging. Cosmetic packaging is extremely demanding in appearance. Acrylic plastic bottles look like glass bottles and are well received by the market.

Our market should pay attention to other types of plastic bottles while paying attention to PET plastic bottles. Nowadays, other types of plastic bottle packaging is a critical issue. When recycling is very unsatisfactory, it needs to be improved from the material itself to achieve an increase in the recovery rate of these materials.

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