what is Technical Measures for Sheet Metal Parts

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Remanufacturing Sheet Metal Parts (XINGHUI) is a series of technical measures or engineering activities made to restore the retired electromechanical products, with considering the whole life cycle design and management of electromechanical products, aimed at achieving the performance improvement of electro mechanical products, taking high-quality, high efficiency, energy-saving, material-saving and environmental protection as principles, and taking advanced technology and industrialization production as means. Domestic and overseas engineering applications show that both performance and quality of remanufacturing products can reach and even above the originals’, meanwhile the cost is only one third of the new one, with saving 60% energy, and 70% materials, and decreasing the negative impacts on the environment.

However, not all of the retired electromechanical products can be remanufactured. The precondition of remanufacturing is that the parts keep a good status of remanufacturability at the end of life cycle. Developed an assessment model for remanufacturability based on the assimilability assessing model, consisting of two modular constructions: technological module and economical module. Analyzed the influential factors of the remanufactureability on the basis of characteristics of product, and determine the hierarchical and structural relationships between each index and the calculation formula of each index. Established a micro assessment model, a macro assessment model and a comprehensive assessment model of green remanufacturing for waste electromechanical products by analyzing.

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