How to Buy Lotion Pumps in Bulk

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Lotion Pump(KEXON) in bulk are required if you package products that are best dispensed by lotion pumps. These are available in a range to fit various neck sizes, shapes, dispensing options and colors. They may be ridged or plain and usually seal tightly shut with an inbuilt locking mechanism. However, for product safety, they may be occasionally shrink wrapped and sealed. While many manufacturers or distributors of bottles will supply you with appropriate lotion pumps, there are some manufacturers who specialize only in the pumping dispensers.

Lotion pumps in bulk can be used with any kind of bottles, HDPE, LDPE, PET, glass and metal. Among the many benefits of lotion pumps are:

Controlled amount to liquid is dispensed.

Hygienic since hands do not touch the product.

Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Add a decorative element to the bottles.

Used across the board for household, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Can be used with small bottles or for bigger containers as well.

High output or low output lotions pumps are available.

Lotion pumps can be used to dispense a variety of liquids of different viscosities as long as the pump can draw up the liquid. As the outflow quantity is pre-determined the manufacturer and the consumer both benefit. The spouts of lotion pumps may be long or squat and they are easy to use as they don't have parts that get spoiled and rarely jam. As these are usually available in ready stock, your costs are lower, particularly if you also buy bottles in bulk.

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