Material Selection for Foam Pumps

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With the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the hot water and air conditioning of China Foam Pump(KEXON) public buildings and residential buildings have become a common demand. In developed countries, the energy consumption of HVAC and foam pump systems can account for 25-6-30% of total social energy consumption.

At present, the number of wells using rod pumps in domestic oil fields is a large proportion, most of which are plunger foam pumps, and conventional plunger foam pumps have become one of the main oil recovery methods.

The purpose of selecting and optimizing the pump and plunger materials and surface treatment process is to minimize the amount of corrosion wear in this tribological system. Due to the large number of influencing factors, there is still no theoretical guidance on the material selection of the pump barrel and the plunger. The most work done by the researchers is to select the material and surface treatment process of various pump barrels and plungers.

With the development of materials engineering and the emergence of new material surface treatment processes, many materials and surface treatment processes are likely to be applied to the pump and plunger surfaces, and the friction and wear tests of pure laboratory matching materials are used to determine the far-off. It is far from meeting the current urgent requirements for improving the life of foam pump cylinders and plungers. How to design pump and plunger mating materials with the principles and techniques of materials science and other disciplines is an urgent problem to be solved.

With the development of mechanization, foam pumps have been understood and used by more people.

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