Plastic Foam Pump Head Factory Test

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KeXun is a Foam Pump Manufacturers(KEXON) specializing in the production of plastic cosmetic foam pump heads. Each pump head produced has to undergo multi-step inspection.

1. After the plastic pump head is proofed, the sample must first be confirmed to the customer to see if the plastic pump head meets the customer's requirements.

2. Cosmetic pump heads produced in large quantities must first be tested for appearance to ensure good appearance, no scratches, no black spots, clean and hygienic.

3, the number of pumping times for the first time, must be less than or equal to six times, the number of pumps we produce is generally less than five times.

4. The liquid pumped by the plastic pump head should be evenly distributed every time. According to the specifications, strict pumping test will be carried out.

5, the plastic pump head will be equipped with the customer's bottle, with the liquid, placed in a vacuum environment to test, to ensure no leakage, no spill.

6. Next, perform a reflow test on the cosmetic pump head to see if it will flow back to the nozzle.

7. Ningbo Kexun plastic cosmetic pump head also has to carry out a strict suction test.

8. The thickness of the pump head gasket is generally greater than 1.8mm.

9. The length of the pump head is tested.

10. All accessories are complete.

Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. We own a factory (Yuyao KeXon Sprayer Factory), and its plant area is over 6,000 square meters, with more than 20 years of production experience in various types of daily packaging. The company can professionally produce all kinds of foam pumps, plastic caps, daily and medicinal plastic bottles, as well as all kinds of trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, perfume sprayers, cream jar and other products.

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