Foam Pump Bottle Manufacturers

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The Foam Pump Manufacturers(KEXON) can make bottles of different kinds of plastic or concentrate on specialty foam pump bottles. Typically manufacturers have plants to make the foam pump bottles using different processes. Very often actual manufacturers of the bottles are tied up with marketing companies and distributors. Would you benefit if you go directly to a foam pump bottle manufacturer? While you may think that you are getting wholesale rates when you go to plastic bottle manufacturers, the manufacturers may not offer you the value added services that will benefit you when you go to suppliers or distributors. You may also be limited in the choice and price offered by the manufacturer.

Different processes may be used to manufacture foam pump bottles. These processes include: Stretch blow molding, Injection blow molding, Extrusion blow molding, Continuous blow molding, One step hot perform method, Two step cold perform method,

The manufacturer will use the process that is most suited for the finished product required and some processes lend themselves to smaller quantities while others are used for larger quantities. The process is automated as different machines use different processes to make the bottles. When the bottles are made, the following parameters are kept in mind: Tensile strength,Impact strength, Barrier properties,Chemical resistance, Different and standard neck sizes.

There are some manufacturers who can custom design the kinds of bottles you need, provided you place a certain minimum order. They may also do the labeling and printing as well.

We can advise you regarding the kind of plastic that should be used for the content that you want to bottle. If you want ready stock of bottles we can get those, if you want custom design we can guide you as to the bottle designs and the printing and labeling options as well.

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