Plastic In The Development Of Packaging Foam Pump Containers

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In the packaging Foam Pump(KEXON) container, the aboriginal packaging of the alembic is the Artificial Pump Foam Bottle followed by cardboard admixture cans, and now the adamant PET bottles are already carbonated drinks and non-carbonated drinks the better packaging materials, and in the United States in 1991 accounted for 32.5% of the cooler packaging containers, bottle bottles from 1981 to 28.9% to 19.5%, aluminum catchbasin accounted for 39%.

And artificial bottles are growing at an anniversary amount of added than 3%. Can be abiding to say that even in the artificial packaging industry by the a lot of accusations of the country. Plastics will abide to advance at a abundant faster amount than added packaging abstracts because abounding of the backdrop of artificial are irreplaceable for any added packaging material. Artificial packaging industry has been active in the acreage of packaging sales at the aforementioned time, has been to the development of carriage packaging, and ultimately will force the still metal-based "transport packaging" to alter the capital plastic.

The capital characteristics of plastics are: first, low density, top specific strength, top packing yield, ie "package aggregate per assemblage accumulation or packaging area. Second, a lot of plastics accept acceptable actinic resistance. Acceptable acerbic resistance, acrid resistance, attrition to assorted amoebic solvents, abiding placement, no oxidation. Third, simple to form, the appropriate abstraction activity burning is lower than that of animate and added metal materials. Fourth, it has acceptable accuracy and simple coloration. Fifth, it has acceptable strength, top backbone per assemblage weight, appulse attrition and simple modification. Sixth, low processing cost. Seventh, accomplished insulation.

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