Foam Pump Use and Directions

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The Foam Pump(KEXON) bottles are designed to work with a thin substance of water-like consistency. It must have sufficient surfactants (soap or detergents) to create the foam. The liquid should be water-based, and it has to be able to foam using only normal air (no gasses or other propellants).

Many bartering bendable or aqueous soaps will plan in the foam pump bottles if abundantly diluted. However, about bartering aqueous soaps, abnormally "gel" soaps, accommodate thickeners. Soaps with thickeners may crave so abundant baptize to adulterate them to "water-thin" that the effectivness and foamability of the soap is compromised.

Handmade liquid soaps usually work extremely well in the foam pump bottles as they are generally thin to start with and normally do not contain added fillers and thickeners. Do not use "melted down" bar soap in place of an actual liquid soap because bar soaps tend to clump or gel and can clog the mechanisms inside the foam pump.

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