Custom Foam Pump Packaging Solutions

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Custom Foam Pump(KEXON) packaging is an important part of sales, because a customer's eyes first go to the packaging and then see the contents. When packaging is attractive and eye-catching enough, you have already caught the interest of a potential customer. Of course, the product and its quality is also a vital part of sales, but if you want to increase sales, you need to look at custom Foam Pump packaging solutions.

Packaging quality, size and design depends a great deal on the product. There are certain products that are best packaged in glass because they will react with other materials, while some products do better with plastic. Whether you want droppers holding a few ml of liquid or large jars that can hold a few liters, we can find them for you. There are also innumerable closures for each kind of containers ranging from simple caps to screw-on ones to sprays to child proof closures. Different kinds of packaging include, but are not limited to:Tubes, Sprays,Pumps, Dispensers, Jars, Pouches.

With the various designs, closures and size combinations, not to mention printing, labeling and other accessories, the range can be bewildering. If you want to package new and innovative products or are looking at new packaging for a regular product, we can help you wade through the uncertainties and work with you to come up with unique custom packaging that will make your product stand out.

Our design team is there to offer the best advice for your unique products and we source the right kind of products at the best price for you needs. We offer 3D models and drawings and mould making if you want some innovative packaging that will help sell your product.

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