Application Possibilities Grow for Plastic Pumps

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No matter what design solutions engineers and construction contractors devise to contend with the growing number of water and air pollution regulations, they can't do very much without Plastic Pump(KEXON). Gravity sometimes may play a role in water and wastewater systems, but Plastic Pumps are without a doubt the prime movers in the business of fluid handling. And as water pollution control technology continues to develop to meet the needs, it is becoming more evident that non-metallic pumps are particularly suitable for many applications in the field.

Unfortunately, the quantity of published information covering the design features, materials of construction, and applied experience of non-metallic pumps used for water pollution control purposes is meager compared with what is available in published form on metallic pumps and other equipment. Plastic pumps have been around for decades (our company developed thermoplastic pumps in 1950), but the bulk of experience with them has been acquired in the chemical and other process industries, where they have been applied in numerous cases for handling corrosive and hazardous fluids.

As a result of government regulations affecting water quality and waste disposal, municipal facilities now are seen as chemical operations requiring the same degree of knowledge and sophistication associated with manufacturing and processing plants. With this in mind, a review of significant information on plastic pumps, and their design and application, should be of interest and value. Three important aspects are covered.

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