Neat Way to Remove Lotion Pump Remaining at Bottom of Containers

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Why does so much Lotion Pump(KEXON) remain at the bottom of the containers? The pump stops pumping, but you can tell by the weight of the container that there is still a lot of lotion in the container. Obviously, the pump is not long enough or designed in such a way that it will pump up all the lotion. So, in our house, we do the obvious. At least, I do. You know…take the pump off and hit it in your hands to force the lotion down. Either, the people in my house are taking way to many baths or drinking the lotion. We’re spending too much money on lotion. However, I thought there must be a better solution for removing as much of the lotion from the bottom as possible. So, here’s what I came up with for the problem. Guess what? It actually worked. This tip works best on lotion bottles that screw on. (We have plenty of not-so empty bottles in our house.)

I went Kexon and purchased a piece of tubing. I knew I needed some type of tubing that wouldn’t close completely when bending. I tried using a straw at first, but when a straw bends it completely folds and closes off. I needed something that would bend but remain open and allow the lotion to flow through. Of course, I didn’t need this much but it’s already pre-cut. I can use it later.

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