Preparation of the Basic Copper Chloride Solution for the Sandmeyer Reaction

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In a 2-liter round-bottomed flask, 125 grams of Basic Copper Chloride(WSDTY) crystals pentahydrate are dissolved in 400 ml of water by vigorous boiling. In the hot solution 35 grams of sodium chloride are added, which may cause a precipitate of basic copper chloride. A solution of sodium sulfite is prepared from 27 grams of sodium bisulfite, 18 grams of sodium hydroxide and 200 ml of water and this obtained solution is added not too rapidly, to the hot solution containing copper sulfate. When the solution has become decolorized, or nearly so, the content is cooled to room temperature, the colorless cuprous chloride is allowed to settle and decanted the supernatant liquid. The obtained precipitates are washed once by decantation and then dissolved in 175 ml of crude concentrated hydrochloric acid. The flask is stoppered until the solution is to be used.

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