Process for Reduction Chemistry of Basic Copper Chloride and Transition Metals

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Basic Copper Chloride(WSDTY) and reduction chemistry of transition metals is a complex process. Cu and Cu2 are compared by observingredox properties that involve precipitation and complex ion formation. A complex ionis an ion that contains a metal cation connected to one or more small molecules or ions with lone pairs of electrons. Forming a complex ion occurs in steps and each step has its own characteristic equilibrium constant. In order to insure that complexation is complete, significant excesses of ligand sneed to be added. The reactions in the demonst ration by Ophardt compared and contrasted the relative stabilities of the Cu and Cu2 Basic Copper Chloride states with different ligands attached.

This behavior is different than most other transition metals because very few of them have common states of both +1 and +2. Also, the larger oxidation state of a transition metal often has the largest reduction potential value, but for copper, the smaller oxidation state has the largest value. Iron is one of a few transition metals that has common states of +2 and +3. The transition of the +3 state to the +2 state has a much larger potential value (+0.77 V)3than the value for the transition of the +2 state to the elemental state.

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