Plastic Lotion Pump Bottles Flexible Packaging And Application Security Products Features

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With the Lotion Pump(KEXON) Bottles rapid development of modern science and technology, a group of high technology, the use of strong new flexible security products have come out, and by many users of the pro-Lai. According to recent information published by the relevant departments and instrumental music, these products are: Drip display type security label. The product color is gray, when applied with water, and the display pattern; after wiping water 3O ~ 5O seconds after the ink has returned to gray, the pattern disappear. This technique has an identification easy. Advantage can be repeated inspections. It can be made in the form of stickers, plastic film labels. Anti-counterfeiting results are obvious.

Cosmetic cleaning supplies protective packaging needs of both the direction of functional and decorative, Trinity is the future of packaging development. With the improvement of people's living standards, consumer product packaging requirements are also increasing. Market competition in cosmetics, cleaning products, competition is not only the intrinsic quality of products, the importance of product packaging has become increasingly prominent, sometimes for the sale of the product plays a key role. Current cosmetics, cleaning supplies plastic packaging container development focus is the development and use of new materials, new processing technologies, the pursuit of new styling and user-friendly design, thus highlighting innovative and elegant product, improve product competitiveness.

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