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Why am I not able to record with my pro 3 cameras? My doorbell has a record button but my 2 cameras do not. I have a usb installed on my smart hub. What am I doing wrong?  
Why am I not able to record with my pro 3 cameras?

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If you are at home and on your WiFi and using 2k playback it won’t let you record manually for some reason.  
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@contradiction thanks. That was it. Do you know how to set it so the manual recordings save to my local hub usb?  
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@lennielenno2 I don’t use local storage so I couldn’t begin to tell you anything about it, sorry.  
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@contradiction thanks
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@disharmony that’s why I said I don’t know, because I don’t use it. I just know when you are on your home WiFi streaming a live video in 2k it won’t let you manually record.  
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@contradiction sorry it was the OP I meant to reply to!  
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