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Often but not every time I swap batteries in my ULTRA cameras my settings are lost. I NEVER want spotlight on and I NEVER want the stupid battery indicator on but after switching batteries these settings are often back to on. Anyone know how to fix this or just another annoying attribute of using Arlo?  
Often but not every time I swap batteries in my ULTRA cameras my settings are lost.

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This has never happened for my Pros.  
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I have the same problem with my Ultras. Not ok. Software problem, that needs to be fixed. Thought it was just me and my Ultras.  
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@pretense apparently these settings aren’t stored in the cloud.  
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Strange. I've not noticed this but I've only turned the spotlight off for one camera. Not sure what you mean by battery indicator though. Even if it did turn back on, does that matter if you're never plugging it in?  
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@terrie Thanksng all of mine are plugged in or on solar.  
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Oh. So why are you swapping batteries?  
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@terrie Thanksng - I’ve read you comments on stuff . I think you know your stuff . I’m suddenly having an issue with one of my pro 3 cameras. All of a sudden today - my camera 4 is offline - I’ve reset my hub several times today - I’ve changed the battery . And I cannot get this camera back online . Nothing happened - haven’t changed anything - and suddenly this has happened ? Ideas ?  
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@convertiplane restart your Wi-Fi router and wait for your phone to get Wi-Fi again. Then restart your smarthub
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@terrie Thanksng ok , I’ll try it that way - in that order . Still same issues today - cameras are not coming on line active - no live view and no recording . My furthest camera from the system - is working fine  
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@terrie Thanksng because solar doesn’t keep up and sometimes a plugged in camera stops charging.  
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