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Bought 2 solar panels.  1 works great!Bought 2 solar panels. 1 works great! The other we cant seem to get it to charge the camera. Any suggestions? Thanks
Bought 2 solar panels.  1 works great!

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Maybe it's Dead on Arrival.  
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@bulahbulawayo thats what we are afraid of.  
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@ichthyornis1210 assuming that you've tried swapping the panels with the cameras to no avail.  
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@bulahbulawayo yes we have tried 2 different cameras on it.  
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Are you able to swap the cables to see if it's the cable or the panel? Which model camera are you charging?  
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@terrie Thanksng pro 2. We have not tried the cables yet. Thats a good idea. We will try that asap.  
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Kinda hard as the other is secured to the gutter.  
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@ichthyornis1210 maybe a USB battery pack could be used temporarily for checks.  
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Swap cable with the one that works-- check again!  
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