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Hi friends!  I am a school SLP and will have the summer off to do odd jobs.Hi friends! I am a school SLP and will have the summer off to do odd jobs. I am looking to babysit some! However, it’s been YEARS since I babysat any- so I’m taking a survey. How much do you pay your babysitters and/or charge for your services? Do ages of children make a difference in how much I should charge? I am in southwest Ohio (Dayton area) for reference! Here are my qualifications: •over 10 years of babysitting/childcare experience combined, from ages 6 weeks up •CPR certified •Bachelors and masters degree in communication disorders (speech therapy)
Hi friends!  I am a school SLP and will have the summer off to do odd jobs.

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In my area, people with none of those qualifications are charging between $20 and $30 a day for one child!  
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The daycare I send my son to works out to be about $3 per hour. It's a bit more if the child is diapered since that uses a lot of time.  
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I'll pay an adult $10/hr.  
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But I'm typically gone 2 to 4 hours.  
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I think it depends on if you are doing date night versus full on childcare. My almost 16 year old gets $10 an hour but it’s because the parents like her and want to make it enticing for her to babysit for a couple of hours. Something more consistent you may want to charge a daily or weekly rate and most folks won’t pay $10-15 an hour for a 7 hour day when daycare is often less expensive. I would think you can get 10-15 easily though for normal sitting and more if you transport to activities, etc. Lots of camps won’t open this summer so people will be looking for temporary care, especially for school aged kids who don’t normally go to daycare.  
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I am in Indianapolis metro area. The rate I have seen around here is $25-45 a day per child. A lot depends on if you are just babysitting or doing enrichment activities and outings (If they are allowed again)
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I am in NW Ohio (just over 2 hrs north of you) in a very rural area. I charge $20/day for the first child and $10/each any additional. Been doing it almost 3 years. I was a previous foster parent and adoptive parents and do have extra training from that. Ohh and I have 7 kids.  
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I’m in NJ and pay $40/day for one child. That is a full day (8am-4pm) I have to provide meals and diapers. This is an in-home daycare setting
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My daughter (almost 15 yrs old, CPR and First Aid certified) gets $35 a day. She only babysits on days school is out for holidays.  
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Over the last 6 years of having children. When we had a closer to full time nanny, we paid her $12 an hour. We provided food, gas money, fairly regular bonuses. Babysitters who came to our home, who were mostly watching our kids around their class schedule, we paid them $10 an hour. Our current date night sitter is about $11 an hour. Our Mother’s Day out rate is $22 a day (8:30-2:45). Day cares/preschools day that operate 6am-6pm are about $35 a day. We live in middle Tennessee, a “micropolitan area” where the cost of living is fairly low. Hope that’s helpful.  
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For a licensed day care, I pay $26/day/kid. For date nights, we pay $20/hour for all three kids to a young girl from our daycare.  
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There is a big difference in pay between in home childcare and a babysitter for an evening.  
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@mosqueda that’s what I was also considering!  
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If your area has care. com see about what people are charging there.  
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Can you do SLP work. NJ pays great money for speech therapist easily 50 an hour
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@outmaneuver23738 I’m going to apply, but unfortunately, I’m still a clinical fellow so I come with a need for supervisor and a plan at the moment!  
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I’ll pay a babysitter $10 an hour. As an in home childcare provider who is federally background checked, cpr/first aid certified, and taken several parenting and trauma courses (former foster parent and an adoptive parent), I charged $30 a day for 18mths and older. I charged $45 a day if under 18 months old. Parents provided diapers/wipes and packed food. All the kids had special dietary restrictions.  
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I’m a babysitter in California and I get paid $15-$20 an hour. The folks above saying $10 seems very low considering the minimum wage here is higher than that. I’m also an SLP major!  
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In Australia I used to be paid any where from $15-$25. No qualifications, just a lot of experience with kids
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