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So where are my Mercari sellers at? I have a question for you. I just sent out an item earlier in the week. Got notice that it was delivered so I sent a nice little message, letting them know it was delivered and I hope they enjoy it. The response was, " I want to give you 5 stars but the item came completely broken, waiting to hear back from Mercari. " The item was packed securely. Never had this happen before. Anyone know what happens next?  
So where are my Mercari sellers at?

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I did do some research. Since I used Mercari for the shipping there is shipping insurance so she should get refunded and I should still get paid after she submits her claim.  
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@dorian79 there’s a fb group called The Thrifting Board that is a great place to ask questions like this. It’s primarily eBay, but a lot of the people branch out into Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Instagram sales, etc. I’m also a part of a Mercari fb group, but it’s super petty and catty in that group. Don’t recommend. The Thrifting Board is great because there’s a TON of info, they don’t like drama, and they don’t let anyone disparage customers.  
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I imagine they have to send proof to Mercari. Have you checked the FAQ section to see what they say? I think she has to ship it back to you.  
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I had an item arrive broken once. For this one Mercari ended up refunding me my money and I believe the seller still got paid. I was not asked to return the item. I don’t recall if I was able to leave a rating I think Mercari closed it out.  
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