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OMG!  I think I’ve done something really stupid!OMG! I think I’ve done something really stupid! I have a Vax stick vacuum and I have washed the drum where the dirt collects as I normally do, BUT bright brains me thought it was a good idea to wash the bit that vacs up the floor  I think it has an electrical thing inside to make it work. SO I’ve dried it off and left it to air dry for a couple of days. Will it be ok to use after that does anyone think or know. Or have I fluffed it completely?  
OMG!  I think I’ve done something really stupid!

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I've done it with my shark before as long as it's completely dry before using it I wouldnt see it as an issue. I had mine upside down on the radiator for a few days x
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@pinnatisect lol  that’s what I have done now.  
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You’ll know then you switch it on Boom !  Good luck xx
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Let it totally dry (pop in sun if possible) it should be ok
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Just make sure it is completely dry, not even a trace of damp beffore you turn it on
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Thank you everyone ❤️
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UPDATE:so after 2 days of drying the thingy I’ve used the vac today and it worked good  
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