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Hello I have shapewear products and my audience are based on 4 interest whenever i choose them i always get better results

the issue that i have 3 products so i want to know  how should I structure my campaigns ?

should i make a campaign for every product and if so :

so the first product is shapewear short i choose 3 ad sets { general , interest and LLA}

the same goes for other products. with same interests ?

or i should try to find different interest per product . on the same above structure ?

or i should divide the key interest between the products >

or i can make one campaign 3 ad sets and 3 ads every ad have a one of the products.

what's the optimium way , also i will have new 3 upcoming products and another type of the bra than the one i have ., so i want a way to be able to get sales on all of the products and scale them .
How can i scale my campaigns same audience for multiple products , also test new keywords

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