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Does anyone propagate from their shrubs? I’ve got some rooting powder and plenty of shrubs but I’ve read you need potting compost. I’ve got a flexi tub full of compost from my compost bin so could I just use this or does it have to be potting soil?  
Does anyone propagate from their shrubs?

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I’m not sure what’s in it but potting compost for propagated plants is finer and has “ stuff” in to help! So technical ‍♀️
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@earflap that’s what I thought. Suppose I’m gonna have to order some from amazon! Thank you  
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@improbability have you any garden centres or nurseries near you? A lot are delivering
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@earflap we have a Homebase not far, I’ve just walked there and back today 5 miles. My legs are knackered  I didn’t even think to pick some up until I got home. I’ll go in the car next time!  
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@improbability oh dear, at least you weren’t laden with plants
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@earflap no, just a watering can thankfully!  
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Potting compost us not essential for propagation. It's formulated with added nutrients for seedlings. I'm not using compost because I just don't have any. I'm using dirt from the garden where I need to. Any compost is good, go ahead and use your home grown stuff. Might even be better than the bought stuff.  
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@wot85495 I’ll give it a go and see what happens! Thanks  
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Ive brought some horticultural grit and some perlite and ill mix it half and half with soil. also ive saved my 2L coke bottles to act like a propagator that way if its a hard wood cutting u can take the lid off and theres air circulation x
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