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Help!  Anyone knows why the rose flower is bending down?Help! Anyone knows why the rose flower is bending down? It's a french rose. What am I doing wrong?  
Help!  Anyone knows why the rose flower is bending down?

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First I'd say water it as it might be dehydration
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Move it in the shade
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Have you just planted it? If so its sulking. Water it daily and let it have its tantrum and it will be fine xxx
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@chimney Planted it about a week ago. Didn't realise gardening is that hard, but I'm getting there  
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@pru haha I know but you've planted it and its really warm so give it a good drink every night at the base and it will be fine. Mine went like this for about 2 orn3 weeks and now is finally happy. Plants are sulky teens I swear haha xx
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@chimney Haha, good comparison. I do feel worried like a mother as well, haha. Thanks for the tip and encouragement  
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@pru I feel your pain, Im getting into planting and learning this year, I didn't realize how much care and attention some plants need  
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Needs watering
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Water and shade probably
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The leaves are also wilted. It just needs a good water this evening. Give it a top up for a couple days and it should be fine
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Thanks everyone for the advice  
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Needs lots of water to get established in this weather. Good drenching every other day and it will pick up. They do better in sunshine than shade so it is great where it is
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