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The Gardening Tips Group

We created The Gardening Tips Group to be one of the largest, most active, and most complete online communities in the world for our members to ask questions, share ideas, find reviews, give recommendations, and share answers about do-it-yourself outdoor projects and gardens for flowers and vegetables.

As a free resource to everyone, we provide a safe place for Gardening Tips members to consistently find the information that they're looking for in a community-supported forum. After all, it's the true Gardening Tips enthusiasts that seem to know best!

The AdviceTown Website

Our mission is to share and expand the amount of knowledge that's available about a variety of topics through a free and open online community powered by true experts and fans.

Until now, much of the best advice, ideas, and reviews (that'd be valuable to a vast amount of people) was known by only a few -- basically, just those who had relevant experience and nowhere to share it. AdviceTown changes that.

We provide a platform to connect people who have expertise and knowledge to those who seek it. We create the opportunity to understand different perspectives and empower everyone to share their ideas for the benefit of the rest of the world.

At its core, AdviceTown is powered by real, insightful questions and answers that our members provide. Best of all, our technology allows for multiple answers from a variety of different people and perspectives - and allows for the reader to see and choose which response makes the most sense for them.

Because we provide votes and ratings, we help uncover the content that's worth reading. Community peers help elevate valuable and relevant questions and responses from those who understand the issue, have first-hand knowledge with the topic, and/or share similar experiences that they can draw upon. This is why AdviceTown has become a central resource for finding the answer to almost anything.

The Gardening Tips Group is where you can always find questions, answers, advice, reviews & recommendations from other community members about do-it-yourself outdoor projects and gardens for flowers and vegetables.