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I had a good thing going and then I totally screwed it up. I had shopping ads going with a solid ROAS (6-7x - solid for me anyway) over the past few months, and then I just had to go revamp my whole product structure in Shopify as part of a site rebuild. Basically we still sell the same products but changed the entire construct on the back end for other reasons, in the process we purged the products that were in the feed. The worst part is I, a not very smart individual, also killed/removed my existing campaign and started a whole new one, because what could go wrong with a fresh start? Well every KPI is in the toilet, impressions/clicks are way down (90% or so) and just for fun costs are also way up (? ). So, anything I can do or do I chalk it up as a lesson learned and start tweaking/optimizing my way back to glory?  
I had a good thing going and then I totally screwed it up.

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Go to Google Ads Editor, check the Removed Campaign, copy and paste and you have it as new.  
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The worst part is probably having purged your feed - per the above you can get the actual campaign back. Tell me you were using GTINs so Google at least knows these are the same products?  
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Sigh. no, not to my knowledge. If I revert my product change back to the previous product, can I salvage this? The products still exist they are just hidden on my store.  
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Yikes, yeah it will probably take awhile for it to adjust back. You essentially reset the learnings entirely for your account.  
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