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Anyone running ads for face masks? I know you can’t use keywords such as mask so I’m wondering what keywords people are using. Have a great day! :)
Anyone running ads for face masks?

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I have seen a loophole in some ads where they sell "trending fashion items" and they might be advertising a T-shirt but the model has the branded facemask on it, when you click on the picture it takes you to a site where you see the t-shirt but a big link to FACE APPAREL
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I could’ve sworn I heard that Google was not allowing anyone to run ads for anything related to the coronavirus which includes masks and other things. I remember seeing it when I was running ads for our law firm client for SBA loans
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No you can’t. Not allowed on any platform. It’s a good way to get perma banned
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Not allowed. Our client shopping got suspended even it is not face mask but beauty mask but still Google trigger
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