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Hi everyone, I client of mine asked me to report him the "optimization activity" that has been done by the previous freelance on Google Ads. How would you check what has been done in the past regarding optimization? I would love to see if the previous freelance changed the targeted keywords or ads during a given period of time but I am not sure I am able to check that retrospectively. Thank you for all your help in advance :)
Hi everyone, I client of mine asked me to report him the "optimization activity" that has

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Check the overview for the time frame. See which dates there were major changes in terms of clicks, conversions. Then go to the change history for those dates and check what actions were taken.  
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(Y) do you think that will precise enough? Or otherwise do you need I should complement the data with my considerations?  
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@spheroidal Yea, the moment you find deviations in performance in the overview, then you can have a look at the change history at account/campaign & adgroup level. Every action on Google Ads is recorded so that will give you all the data required. For example - if you are looking at the data for 1st - 30th May and you see clicks and conversions have increased from the 15th of May, then you will go to 13th-15th May and check that changes were done. Then you can compare two date ranges and present your data if you want with a simple cause and effect explanation.  
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Check the 'History' menu
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My question would be, why he needs that information? Retrospective data points make no sense without context. If he wants valuable output and save time, he would need to reach out to that freelancer. For you this is an opportunity to assure you have a backlog of context yourself.  
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Just go in in history option of good ads where u can see all changes done by account manager
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Edit History
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Check the change history of that time frame, also you can select by filtering the change history option like bid changes, keyword changes
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