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I have a question about the delicious bars y’all talk about. When do you eat them? Lunch or snack I’d assume? If at lunch , how does it pair with vegetables? for me, something yummy like a bar is hard to pair with a veggie. Any tips? Tricks? Thank you  
I have a question about the delicious bars y’all talk about.

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I also eat mine at might with a cup of tea
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I usually have them as a snack
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I usually eat mine as a night time snack. Some people like it at lunch to add sweetness following a savory veggie.  
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I slowly savor my restricted bar for breakfast with coffee. Makes morning easier.  
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Eat your veggies as a salad then follow with a bar as a meal.  
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You can eat one any time of day as one of your three required packets.  
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I always save mine for an evening treat. It's my dessert
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Between lunch and dinner at around 4pm
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I like mine for breakfast with coffee.  
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All packets may be eaten for any meal or snack.  
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Thank you everyone- your responses helped me so much!  
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Lately because of the quarantine I get up early before everyone have coffee and a bar and then I proceed to the basement for exercise! Starts my day happy Quest
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