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Hey everyone, I've just found this page, and am not sure if anyone is active on it? But I have created a low carb company called TruMe Whole Health. All products are low carb and can be used in a low carb meal system plan. The TruMe BCAA's with electrolytes include Sour Peach, Sour Watermelon and Cherry Blaster. They are natural with stevia, no artificial colors or stimulants. You can buy them direct in USA at https://trumewellness.store or in canada at https://trumewellness.ca There is also sweet stevia drops, again zero carbs and zero sugar, in caramel, vanilla and lemon. The first spice launched is the everything spice. I have clients using all of these and absolutely love them so wanted to share! Hope that's ok as I see this is an alternative group. Thanks!
TruMe Whole Health

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