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Has anyone made this potato bread recipe? It’s a lot of packets so I want to know it’s worth it before i use ALL my potato packets.  Thanks!  
Has anyone made this potato bread recipe?

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Expensive loaf of bread!  
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@bain69 That’s what I was thinking but if I got 7 servings out of it, it would be any difference than making it each day.  
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@paterson true! I didn’t read entire recipe. How big is the baking dish?  
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@bain69 A loaf pan
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I think it depends on how many servings. I like to make items in advance, meal prep to grab and go.  
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You can make potato bread with just one packet instead of using a ton of them to make a big loaf of bread. I find the potato bread usually turns out pretty dry so it’s not my favourite and I probably wouldn’t finish a gigantic loaf like that
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I made some the other day from one packet I posted my recipe and pics on the group
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Looks like a pound cake to me.  
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I did. Don’t do it! It tastes awful!  
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@exclamatory Ha! This is what I wanted to know. Thanks!  
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Whenever I make big batch recipes they end up stale. Better to cook in 1-3 day increments with baking.  
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Although I have done potato bread rolls individually and they are scrumptious
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