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I am going into week three on the program tomorrow. Before I pick out my packets tomorrow I was wondering if anybody would like to share what your favorites are? I don’t feel like I am branching out and getting variety much! Thanks!  
I am going into week three on the program tomorrow.

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Chicken noodle soup and I add cauliflower rice Love the brownie and pudding Potato packets to make pizza and flatbread Peanut butter bars and cranberry pomegranate bars Wafers Powder shakes and I add spinach Chocolate and apple soy puffs
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All time favorite that I eat every day is the brownie  my other go to’s are chicken noodle soup(add some more chicken flavor), mug cake as a cookie, chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate shake, peach drink mix, orange drink mix, trail mix, nacho dorados
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Dill Zippers, trail mix, chocolate chip pancakes, mug cake rice, vanilla crispy square, any of the Dorados, triple chocolate wafers, chocolate soy puffs
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Chocolate soy puffs and any of the wafers (hint - store them in the freezer for a cool and crunch treat), any of the dorado flavours, chocolate coconut bar, chocolate drink mix (hint - blend with water and ice, tastes like a chocolate malt).  
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Chicken soup; vanilla and chocolate shakes (the ones you add water to); vanilla rice crispy treats
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Mushroom Parm Couscous Risotto! I add mushrooms and riced cauliflower to it and also the Rotini! I add garlic, mushrooms, bell peppers and riced cauliflower to it. I switch between the two for lunch.  
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Dill Zipper and soy puffs
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Vanilla crispy squares & Nacho cheese dorados
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@huambo the squares are soo good
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Thanks everyone for the recommendations! I’m gonna try some of these!  
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Potato purée, vanilla crispy square, chicken noodle soup, lemon wafers, salted caramel chocolates if you can get them.  
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The brownies in the microwave for 12 seconds are delicious. Chocolate and lemon wafers❤️. Also mint bars and cookie dough bars.  
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Cheese omelet! We stuff it with protocol veggies and fresh roasted garlic!  
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Chocolate package drink, warm it up slowly in microwave and it’s the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER!  
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Strawberry wafers and ready drink chocolate shakes.  
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Chocolate soy puffs, Chocolate pancakes. Almond bar. Chocolate crispy squares.  
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Garlic and herb crisps
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Chocolatey Caramel Mug Cake (can be used to make pancakes, muffins and cookies too), nacho dorados, vanilla drink (awesome mixed with 2-3 shots espresso), caramel peanut bar.  
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