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I have not taken my potassium or Cal-Mag's in months. can this effect my stand still in weight? (i do take multi, B12, C)
I have not taken my potassium or Cal-Mag's in months.can this effect my stand still in weight?

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It’s a very low cal diet and the supplements are mandatory for phase 1. If you’re not taking them you may suffer mal-nutrition and not optimize your body’s weight loss in a healthy way. Weight loss is an unnatural process for the body and when you’re cutting calories you’re also cutting some vitamins/minerals that the supplements are made to fulfill. I’d say just start taking them and keep up the good work.  
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I didn’t take any vitamins and lost 33 pounds in 11. 5 weeks . This was the first time I did this while on the diet and I didn’t get any Charlie horse at all. When I did the diet before I got them all the time
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@emersonemery You can still lose and suffer mal nutrition and even hair loss. Not taking the supplements is not protocol. Congrats on the 33 pounds though. That’s a lot of weight.  
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@downs90 speaking of hair loss I had none this time too. The other times I did the diet my hair was coming out in chunks. This time nothing
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@emersonemery It’s the shock to the system from the drastic change in diet. It’s nothing to be worried about and happens to some people. But it grows back better. Did it with you?  
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@downs90 I could loose a lot hair and be ok with it as it’s thick
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@emersonemery Ah. Good genes  
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