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What is the average weight you lose in a week?  
What is the average weight you lose in a week?

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1 pound of fat is about 3500 cals. Phase 1 is about 900 calories. The average human needs 2, 000 cals a day. 900 - 2, 000 is -1100 cals deficit a day. -1100 X 7 days a week is -7, 700 cals deficit a week. You should lose 1. 5/2 pounds of fat a week. May vary person to person and irregular weight loss happens due to hormones(cycles), constipation, keto plateau, anabolic working out(muscle gain vs. fat loss).  
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1. 5-2#
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Many see and average of 2 pounds a week. Don’t forget inches too. Many lose inches when the scale doesn’t move
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It sure doesn’t come off as fast as it goes on!  
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Everyone is different and every time you do phase 1 your body will react differently to it. My first time on phase 1 the first week I lost 13 pounds with an average of 4 pounds a week loss. I’ve reset twice now both times on my reset the first week I lost 8 pounds and then each week after that was an average 2 pound loss.  
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I'm happy with ANY loss
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I’m averaging 2lb a week
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I loose very slow 1 to 2 lbs per week
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I average 2. 5 a week. Usually I lose ~3 one week, then ~1 the next week and just rotate like that
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~4. 6 lbs
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I was 2-3lbs but have lost 80lbs and only have 12lbs to go. I have slowed down to about 1lbs per week since there is less to lose.  
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1 to 1. 5
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About 1-3pounds but when I hit a plateau I do a drink challenge and I usually drop about 4-5 pounds that week
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@scour Whats a drink challenge?  
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