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Help!  What can we take for stomach aches?Help! What can we take for stomach aches? I'd normally take Tums or any antacid but they seem to have non-protocal ingredients. Thanks
Help!  What can we take for stomach aches?

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Look for nexium or ranitidine for now. That should go away after the first week or two on protocol. Low carb treats heartburn and reflux on its own! Many people stay low carb ongoing just for it!  
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@garnettgarnette26 Hozack definitely! I was on prescription Prilosec and had even had tests done to make sure I had no other issues bc my heartburn was so bad. After 3 weeks on IP, I was able to quit taking my meds and I’ve never taken it again! That was in 2016! Only when I’ve been off protocol for a number of days will I have a small flare up and I know it’s rreeeaaalllyyy time to get back in plan!  
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@garnettgarnette26 I get ‘carb knee’ and acne breakouts! I don’t have issues if I stay low carb. It’s so much more than weight loss to stay low carb!  
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@garnettgarnette26 Hozack . and after doing it for so long, I never feel like I’m depriving myself bc I know how crappy Id feel for eating certain foods. I can easily go without pasta and bread for the rest of my life! Even over the weekend at a bbq, I happily had a burger with all the veggie toppings and I brought some cauliflower potato salad for myself. I was completely happy n satisfied! (What is carb knee? )
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@garnettgarnette26 yes absolutely  
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Drink a couple of swallows of baking soda. Ranitidine causes cancer.  
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Pepcid is ok to take - or even sugar free tums. Since they took Zantac off the market Pepcid has been hard to find. then they announced the active ingredient MAY help COVID patients (of course via IV not the Pepcid pill) and now it’s almost impossible to get!  
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