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Thanks for the add I have been scrolling and you'll look amazing. I am wanting to start keto and am trying to gear up.  I am a little overwhelmed at what staples I need to switch to and where to buy them. Does anyone have a beginner shopping list?  
Thanks for the add I have been scrolling and you'll look amazing.

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Welcome all new members, want to know where to start? Best way to start is by going to announcements We have worked very hard to provide the tools to help you on your journey! Second step- watch the intro videos and READ THE RULES while you are there , Watch this Macros video and never let an app calculate your macros. Keep it Simple Keep it Keto !  Need posters to help keep you on track, check out our help pages listed here---> https://www. facebook. com/groups/DailyKetoMeals/permalink/2215953985119016/ While you are there take a peek at the sneaky products page to see some products a huge amount of members thought were keto. ----> https://www. facebook. com/media/set/. Enjoy the recipe card album and feel free to save them to your devices. The search bar will allow you to check for popular already answered questions. It is a wonderful tool! In Our files you will find simple directions on how to use search bar to find collections of recipes that have been added. ----> https://www. facebook. com/notes/daily-keto-meals/search-recipe-hashtags/2244031785644569/ WE ALSO NOW HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL PACKED WITH TONS OF GREAT VIDEO TIPS AND ALL OF OUT VIDEO CONTENT FROM HERE AS WELL! https://www. youtube. com/channel/UCRrcq56BxuNqe6uXf6hbaEw. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Make sure if you have not already check out our announcements.  Let us know if you have questions!  
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Most can be found at local grocery stores and Amazon
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