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Are there any local ice cream places with a drive through? We did Oberweis recently and it was great! Also know about Andy's. Anywhere else?  
Are there any local ice cream places with a drive through?

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Not drive through, but Hazel Marie's in downtown Plainfield has curbside pickup. You order and pay on line. Their ice cream is amazing!  
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@eadith11 o was just going to post this exact thing! Hazel Marie’s is the best!  
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McDonald’s baskin Robbins (some have drive thru not all)
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I think DQ is open.  
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Sweet Home Gelato has curbside pickup and Uber eats delivers for them
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Baskin robins connected to Dunkin on Washington.  
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Hazel Marie’s in downtown Plainfield does curbside pickup. Order online and it will be ready when you get there.  
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Not a drive through but they will walk it out to your car. Kimmer's in downtown Wheaton. Soooo good!  
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