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We’re getting a new front door installed soon. I’m thinking I’d like to freshen up the whole look of our entryway with a new paint color. What color would you go with? Our new door will be craftsman style, in a very dark gray color. I also plan to replace the lantern lights. Thanks for your help, fellow Moms!  
We’re getting a new front door installed soon.

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Ask in this group @tricitiesdesigntribe
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What direction does the door face? I know it might sound weird, but I’d kind of like to see a light on the narrow, front-facing wall to the right of the door. It might lighten up the space. It’s a wonderful entry. Will the new door have larger windows?  
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@bouzoun439 the door faces south. The new door will have a bit more glass on the upper 1/3rd. You’re all so helpful - thank you!  
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Oooo if there’d be a way to make the entryway cedar (or cedar look? ) that would be really pretty with your brick and gray! Then do more modern looking rectangular lights?  
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Electric Blue !  
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Looking at your bricks and stone, I would suggest lighter color on the siding like BM Fog Mist
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I like a dark color like black or slate as a contract to the house color. Obviously this is what you currently have.  
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Take a pic of your entry way and then drive around a take pics of things you like. Photoshop the door ideas on your house. Doing that really made decision making a lot easier at the end for us. We kept wondering what to do. When we literally saw the look, we were so much more confident.  
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We just put in these lights and we love them!  
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@dropforge wow! Those new lights make a huge difference! Love it!  
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That is such a pretty entrance!  A whitewash grey!  
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