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I know restaurants will be closed. But, Can people walk through the riverwalk today? Update. We enjoyed a nice afternoon by the riverwalk :) Bought Carry out and ate it on a bench near the river.  
I know restaurants will be closed.

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My husband & I walked there early yesterday morning. Only one other person besides us were wearing masks. and he thanked us for doing so. I'd like to say it was young 20 somethings but I'd be lying. People of all ages, nationalities & races were doing it. What is wrong with you people? Don't you care about the lives of others? Its just a small cover over your mouths & noses to protect those around you. I do it for you & yours, why can't you do it for me & mine? Is the city of Naperville out reminding people about masks?  
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Walked yesterday there! In my surprised None were wearing Mask!  
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@goldy8307 did you even read that it was very crowded.?. people passing close together
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@quantifier4623 thank you for understanding and read it right!  
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@goldy8307 to me, crowds imply that staying at least 6 feet apart isn't likely. Therefore it's not social distancing and masks should be used in adherence to the CDC guidelines.  
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@towhee was the river back down?  
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@sherrer yeah River was back down but some of the stairs area going down to near river were closed
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We are by the Carillon Tower and there is plenty of space for people with no masks .  
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People never stopped walking there
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Is the river back down off the paths?  
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It's a free country. You can walk anywhere you want. Social distancing and hand washing is a good idea.  
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Just came back from downtown after ordering food from Potbelly - it's empty down there, very few people - no masks except me and my husband. Underground parking lot next to Barnes & Noble is being used for a teenage boy car show - when I left, 7 cars had come roaring in and they are just hanging out, admiring their hopped up cars - no masks, no distancing - because I was in my sports car, I guess I was just one of the group.  
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Sorry but if I'm outside enjoying the fresh air on the Riverwalk I'm not wearing a mask.  
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