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Does anyone know if garage sales will be allowed soon? Looking for toddler yard toys for my grandson. Thanks in advance
Does anyone know if garage sales will be allowed soon?

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This water table that needs a good power wash and this teeter totter are yours free if you want them.  
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@therewith878 do you put sand to the water table?  
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@terrorize26, I have a little kitchen, slide and car. I’ll just messaged you pictures.  
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I will message you a picture of a little house. Your welcome to it.  
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This is the reason why I love this page!  
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Need an Umbrella stroller?  
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Thank you everyone ❤️
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I miss garage sale so much!  
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There are a lot of area online garage sales through Facebook. Just search 'garage sales' and tons will come up.  
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Not likely they'll allow garage sales this year. May I suggest you join online garage sale sites. You don't have to live in the specific community but you will get the feeds. Search virtual garage sales near me
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