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Are ANY pools going to open?  
Are ANY pools going to open?

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Wisconsin Dells opens May 27!  
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Park ridge is waiting and might
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I heard no, but hope that changes
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Just a tip, inflatable pools are hard to find. Target is out of them at golf mill.  
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I doubt any public pools will open this sumner I know inflatable pools out of stock too. head for the beaches outside of Illinois
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My same question.  
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Would you go to the pool with a mask?  
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@archiepiscopal345 actually I would. I don’t go under
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@excursion I cannot breath with a mask. I limit my time in the store as much as possible. I can’t see myself at 90 degree with a mask. No thank you!  
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@archiepiscopal345 Me too!  
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Oasis sent out an email that said they will not be opening.  
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I know Oasis closed for the summer. I'm sure most will
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I heard Flick in glenview is hoping to open end of June. TBD
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Geneva Lake and Indiana Dunes are fully open.  
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I think Glenview and northbrook are opening
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Glenview is undecided, don't know about Northbrook. Here's the thing, phase 3 of reopening, which takes effect Friday, still limits public gatherings to 10 people or less, even in phase 4, public gatherings are limited to no more than 50. Given some public pools can typically have capacity for a few hundred, even if pools open in phase 4, which might not come until well into summer, if not fall, it's not going to be normal at all.  
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Backyard hose will be
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I have an Quik-set pool that we're not going to use anymore, if you're interested.  
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