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How do you eat more beans and nuts and seeds? recipes or snack ideas? we eat a lot but I want new ideas!  
How do you eat more beans and nuts and seeds?

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I always toss nuts and seeds into my yogurt or Kefir for a fun crunch. In the summertime, I like to make a black bean, corn and tomato salad that you can add different stuff to all the time according to how you're serving it. My kid loves it with chips like it's a salsa. I cook pinto beans in the crock pot over night and then keep them whole to add to a breakfast skillet, or to make a quick "refried" beans for a snack.  
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How are you getting them now? We add to salads and side dishes mostly. Try to sneak some in smoothies when the kids are in the mood for those.  
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For dessert. replace the oil and eggs in brownie mix with blended up black beans. Bake by box directions. They are a bit more dense but not too bad
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