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Do you remember which episode got you hooked?  
Do you remember which episode got you hooked?

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I went back and started from episode 1 when I heard about y'll on r/personalfinance. I remember the thing that kept me is at least at the beginning Matt would ask a bunch of questions(wasn't sure if he didn't understand or playing the 'beginner' at the time) and that really helped me as a new person to have things explained in simple terms.  
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I saw the MMM episode on YouTube, which is the first place I heard about LMM.  
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I started with the first episode after finding the show on the Podcast app. It was love at first listen.  
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Any episode where it was asked, “What are you drinking “!  
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I hopped on during the Thomas Frank days. I was listening/watching his content, and he kept referencing that he was on LMM. So I listened to some episodes and was hooked. Can't remember a specific one, though.  
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Definitely the MMM episode, only because I had heard of him in the past. I almost immediately appreciated the unique perspective that Matt and Andrew provided, even as someone who has been into personal finance for some time. I had never thought about an opportunity fund in that way before, and have put it to good use during the pandemic. As my wife and I push to get into real estate, I find myself enjoying the podcast immensely.  
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Wish I could remember the exact episode. But have been listening to lmm for over 2years. Began looking into personal finance & read a bunch of articles online and remember coming across LMM. Got hooked ever since.  
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