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Top financial hacks you use on a regular basis?  
Top financial hacks you use on a regular basis?

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Buying used as much as possible
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Take all retirement savings out before seeing a check.  
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Buying used
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Stocktwits app
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Cash back cards and options selling
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Paycheckcity. com to know how much I’m going to be receiving and budget accordingly. I have even became a big math nerd and wrote down what overtime or PTO on a cheat sheet so I can just know extra or roughly. Before quarantine I would do grocery pick up to know exactly how much my shopping trip would cost and I would do it on my lunch break to be able to pick up after work. It was so easy because I would have my list on there and then if I would forget something it would be a quick trip in. Every 5 - 6 months I hire a cleaning service to come a deep clean the house and it costs $125. Thats $25 a month. That’s one hour of OT a month to accumulate. I start buying birthday and Christmas presents all year. I normally have birthdays and Christmas done (7 birthdays August - December) by July. I usually get them from a thrift store because it’s stuff you can add for the home for decoration, or books for the kiddos.  
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My biggest expense is groceries. (Mortgage of off). Knowing the price of things when I shop. So I make best choice
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Paid off. oops
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On consuming goods. always question what I'm about to buy, always seek used items. If buying something online, put it in the cart and let it sit there a couple days.  
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As soon as I received my paycheck take the portion for savings right away and never make it part of my budget. Also get bonus rewards on new credit cards and open bank accounts for the sign up bonuses.  
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Round up when paying debt like student loans, mortgage, car loan to pay it off earlier. I try to be aggressive as possible now, when I was in my early 20s I couldn’t always round up that much, but something is better than nothing. Maximize cash back rewards on credit cards. I keep track of which ones have 5% cash back that quarter and use it just for those purchases, and then my 2% card for everything else. I never pay interest on a credit card, and typically make about $1300-1500 each year in rewards. Leverage lessor known credit card benefits like extended warranty coverage. My hard drive died on my computer a few months ago and it was only 2 years old and outside manufacturers warranty, and Citi cut me a check for the original purchase price ($1300! ). Use apps like Rakuten, ibotta, GetUpside for additional cash rebates.  
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Don’t put more on my cc than I have in my bank account, pay off my savings/investment accounts first each paycheck, then pay off cc’d. Use shit till it’s falling apart then find a second use for it. Shiny and new is very temporary and also very expensive.  
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Yes, offset morgage means you never have to borrow money at anything more than morgage rates
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Cut my own hair. Eat out once a month tops.  
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@tiberias yup. same
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Live below your means.  
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Having automatic transfers after every paycheck to named savings accounts for all of my larger expenses that come up less often (car taxes, oil, gifts, vet bills, water bill, etc). When I need it, the money is there.  
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@darrin which bank do you use?  
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@leggett629 Ally Bank. They just added the ability to have named “buckets” in one account, but I still have them as separate accounts.  
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I love this - I do it too, got the tip from Ramit Sethi in I will Teach You to Be Rich. I have accounts for insurance, emergency fund, baby fund, out of pocket medical, then fun things like small deposits each month into a "spending account" for both my wife and myself.  
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Spend money on things I value and keep financial risk low.  
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1. always leave wallet in the truck 2. let my boyfriend pay for everything
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I pay my credit card purchases throughout the month so there are no surprises and I stay conscientious. Then we still get points on everything.  
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