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Anyone know.  Goodwill in Plainfield- open or not?Anyone know. Goodwill in Plainfield- open or not? To drop stuff off.  
Anyone know.Goodwill in Plainfield- open or not?

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I have someone who is collecting items.  
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@ide17854 what kinds of stuff are they taking?  
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@ide17854 pending what they’re picking up, I have about 4-5 bags ready to go!  
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Not yet I hear people saying soon though
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It's not open.  
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No. but it hasn't stopped people from dropping off and overfilling the bins
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I believe you can drop stuff there now.  
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I went about a month ago and they had boxes outside to drop stuff into.  
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I thought I saw on Friday
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I was at Meijer yesterday and looked over to see a ton of stuff dropped off and reaching outside of the carport - drenched and boxes falling apart. Keep your stuff if can't find an indoor drop off. All that stuff is now ruined. Call amvets anyway. They'll come pick it up from you.  
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You can NOT drop anything off there. A friend tried to last week and a worker came outside and said they are throwing everything away.  
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