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Can we PLEASE name the May 4th Algo Update the "Star Wars" update? I mean come on!  
Can we PLEASE name the May 4th Algo Update the "Star Wars" update?

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You mean the murder hornet update?  
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The Empire Strikes Back update
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The "Force Update"?  
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A disturbance in the force I see
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Yes yes yes
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May the Fourth update?  
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It was dark day for the republic.  
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We got f******eeedddddd
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I got over 50% increase in organic traffic. ;)
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The update was announced on the 4th, but I didn't see any impact before 5th. Had anyone of you? In Germany it hit the road on 5th at 19:00h.  
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This update seem a little bit different, because it is being rolled out in 2 weeks.  
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My site was hit with Google algorithm and my traffic dropped please is there any solution to this?  
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Just call Google, they'll fix it. They put a 800 number out for this update last week. Look it up.  
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@mesotron4 How can I contact Google
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Can't - Disney and it's merry band of lawyers would probably sue
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